Monday, 19 April 2010

Alfa Romeo MiTo Logo

Since I'm both a car-nut and a sucker for great design, I couldn't help but not notice the latest logo to hit the streets on the rear-end of the new Alfa MiTo. Few vehicles that I can think of have it's own logo for the name of the car, excluding of course the manufacturer's logo. It's something that certainly stands out to me, but maybe I just focus on the little details too much :)

While Alfa Romeo has been churning out some of the sexiest looking vehicles for quite some time now (including my favourites, the 156, 159, Brera, and GTV) the MiTo follows Alfa's latest nomenclature for it's new models which are to abandon the numeric names. Where exactly does the name "MiTo" come from though? Alfa came up with the name as an abbreviation of the two cities in which the car was both designed and where it is currently being built: Milan and Turin (Milano and Torino in Italian). The name is also a play on the Italian word "mito" meaning "myth" or "legend."

The final MiTo logo, in my opinion, is very clever and almost follows the theme of a 'found contour' drawing/painting. The "i" is read as both the letter "i" and also as the right stem of the "m" before it. The crossbar of the "t" dots the "i," and the "o" is broken up and almost looks like a backwards "c", but reads as an "o." If you can understand what I'm talking about, you'll see why this is such a successful logo design in my book. In the picture above, you'll also see some other designs that were considered.

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